Welcome To Darque Manor  


It is October and in a usually sunny corner of Florida the gloom is gathering. Once again the Darque family is coming together for their yearly reunion. On the spot that they gather once stood a plantation home just like their old home outside of New Orleans. It was to this place in Florida, once swampland that they fled when the horrors in their Louisiana plantation were discovered after the great fire of 1927. Here, the swamp hid them from the eyes of the world. Here in what was once Lake Locke Florida they could live as they wished with little interference from others and those that pried could be dealt with. People who entered this part of the swamp seldom returned.

But as time wore on this quiet corner of swampland was discovered and the surrounding population grew and the Darque family for all intents and purposes disappeared. Their mansion fell into disrepair and crumbled. And when the bulldozers finally came to build modern homes they found a shell of a building and broken tombstones and unmarked graves. The manor had stood undiscovered for decades but beneath the earth was found countless remains. Many of the bodies were traced back to missing persons cases which dated back to the thirties. All of them had signs of some trauma and many were mutilated. The Darques had been busy here.

And now it is Halloween when the veil between this world and the next becomes thinnest and the Darque family is coming together. Malaria is lighting her candles and opening the door to the spirit realm. Her zombie slaves both past and present are rising. Lilith is gathering her dolls, both dead and undead. Her demon children are coming to find their mother. Judas is searching the night to feed on blood and bring back to the manor the half dead to be used as the Darques see fit. And Luc is beckoning you to the reunion, tempting you to brave these hallways.

Welcome to Darqueness.